lundi, novembre 22, 2004

Godard RS 1968

Encore un autre :
Stones Do Film With Godard
Jagger: "We've always been great admirers of his work"

The Rolling Stones have begun on their first feature film, One By One, with Jean-Luc Godard. It is also a first for the celebrated French director, whose works include Breathless, Masculine-Feminine and La Chinoise -- it will be his first English-language film.
The picture embodies parallel themes of construction and destruction, represented by a London studio where the Stones are involved in a recording session and by a love triangle which ends in suicide, respectively. The Stones' performance provides a "musical embroidery" to the plot.
Godard is employing new experimental camera techniques and lighting effects in his direction. The picture is being produced by Cupid Productions, a new company formed by the Honorable Michael Pearson and actor Iain Quarrier.
Commented Mick Jagger: "We are very excited about this. We have been great admirers of Godard's work for a long time, and have a great respect for him."
(RS 14 - July 20, 1968)