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Keith Richards - AOL live 1998

AOLiveMC2: Good evening KEITH RICHARDS, and welcome to AOL Live! We are delighted you could join us this evening. Our audience is ready with some questions for you.
KEITHL1VE: Hello everybody
OnlineHost: Hello Keith and Welcome to AOL Live!
OnlineHost: Here is our first question...
Question: Hi Keith! I am a huge fan of the Rolling Stones. How did you and Mick first get started with the band, and how long did it take for the band to really get going?
KEITHL1VE: Mick and I knew each other since we were kids. We re-met again when we were about 15 and both found ourselves interested in the same music and by the time we were 17 we had met Charlie and Brian Jones and the band formed itself. In other words, we didn't form the Rolling Stones, The Rolling Stones formed us. The rest is history.
Question: What are the chances you'll play more small halls? I missed you in Port Chester but caught MTV. Seems to me your voice is better than ever.
KEITHL1VE: Thanks. About the small gigs...as many as we can do. It's difficult to say how many, or where they will be because they seem to crop up when it's convenient or possible. So it's hard to say.
Question: Keith, what prompted the drastic change in style from your early rock heavy days to this more mellow, even tempo style of rock? I really love your new sound!! Keep it up man!
KEITHL1VE: Another thanks. It's called growing up, and I keep growing.
OnlineHost: Okay....next question
Question: Keith, tell us a little more about the song "Low Down"? I just love that tune and was hoping you would play it in Madison last October.
KEITHL1VE: "Low Down" is the first song that Mick and I wrote specifically for Bridges to Babylon. I like it too. We've just started playing it live.
Question: Keith, who taught you how to D-tune your ax.
KEITHL1VE: I learnt this from old blues players and from listening to records. But the first guy I actually saw playing the tuning was Ry Cooder and that was in the late '60s. It fascinated me then, and fascinates me even more now.
Question: Mr. Richards, first of all I just want to say that I love you, and thanks for the music. There's a rumor going around that as soon as the Stones' tour is over, you'll take a 6-month break and the Winos will record a new album and then tour. Is this true?
KEITHL1VE: Thanks for the schedule. I don't make plans, but I have no doubt that if the Winos have plans for me, I'll probably fall in line.
Question: Keith, rumor has it you once stayed up for nine days. Is this really true?
KEITHL1VE: It is really true. Don't try it.
OnlineHost: Okay...next one
Question: Keith what do you do to stay fit?
KEITHL1VE: I work with The Rolling Stones.
Question: Is there anything you would change about your life if you could?
KEITHL1VE: Not a thing. Just keep it interesting.
Question: Why did you call your reggae band the Wingless Angels? Can you please tell us about the project?
KEITHL1VE: The Wingless Angels are named because they all wish to go to heaven, but they have no wings. What else is new. They are a spiritual band and they make healing music and I am very proud to have been able to make the record for them and I'm following its progress with interest.
Question: We love you Keith, Are you planning a live album from this tour? If so, are there any shows that stand out as being the best so far?
KEITHL1VE: Very difficult. This tour has been unusual in its consistency at least from the band's point of view. We have recorded some of the shows and we'll probably record more as the tour develops. Whether it will be released or not is beyond my knowledge.
Question: What is a typical day for you when you are on tour? What time do you get to sleep, wake up, etc.?
KEITHL1VE: Nothing is set in concrete. As long as I'm awake by the time I have to play "Satisfaction," everything's easy.
Question: Do you still listen and Jam to the old tunes that you started with - Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, etc.???
KEITHL1VE: Just about every day or so, especially if Ronnie's in the room or some of the other guys from the band. That's staple diet.
Question: Keith what is the weirdest thing you have used as a guitar pick?
KEITHL1VE: I've used a piece of a meteor which didn't last long, otherwise I try to use my fingers as much as possible.
Question: How do the Stones decide when a song is "done." Is it ultimately up to you and Mick, or is it generally a more democratic process in which Woody and Charlie have an equal say? By the way, you are still THE man!
KEITHL1VE: Thanks. A song tells you when it's done -- or a record. You realize you've done as much as you can for it and it's finished.
Question: Keith, who was the very first musical artist to make you think "Oh boy, that's what I want to do for the rest of my life!"?
KEITHL1VE: I suppose I have to say Chuck Berry. Though there are many others -- Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, Little Richard, Eddie Cochran, the list goes on.
Question: Songs like "Flip the Switch" make reference to hell and you knowing it well. Have you been there? If so what does it look like?
KEITHL1VE: I've been there. Can't remember.
Question: What do you think of the "Paint It Blue" album - blues artists covering Stones songs?
KEITHL1VE: I thought it was very interesting. Especially some of the choice of material. And the artists that were on it. It's kind of flattering.
Question: Keith : I'm a lifelong lover of your music. You recorded a song with Tom Waits called "That Feel," which I think is great, because I think you are all about "feel." Any comments about Tom Waits ?
KEITHL1VE: First, I'd like to say hello to Tom! I enjoyed writing with Tom very much even though we only see each other every 3 or 4 years. I was always hoping we could get back together again, but he is a very elusive character.
Question: How would you, or would you want to compare the new album, with the work you've done in the past.
KEITHL1VE: If I have to compare, I must say that I am particularly happy with Babylon. From the range of material to the feeling that "Steel Wheels" represented a new beginning for the Rolling Stones, "Voodoo Lounge" consolidated it, and Babylon hints of a promise within the band that they are back ready to surprise themselves and hopefully everybody else-- pleasantly.
Question: Do you plan to do any solo work in the near future?
KEITHL1VE: Planning is not my forte, but if I get the signal from above, I don't see why not.
Question: How old were you when you got your first guitar?
KEITHL1VE: 12, 13 maybe...hard to tell. But my grandfather had one he wouldn't let me touch, just to tease me, for about six years before that.
Question: "Sympathy For The Devil" is one of the most interesting and prolific songs of our time and the movie shed light on its making was there anyone critical of the song when it was released?
KEITHL1VE: I'm sure there was but we can't find them.
Question: Is there any guitarist that you haven't played with, but would like to?
KEITHL1VE: Yes there are millions! Naming names would go on and on but the beauty of records is that you can play with these guys whether they know it or not.
OnlineHost: Next question....
Question: "Bridges to Babylon"....awesome!!! You use the same guitars everyone else does but you have a unique, unmistakeable sound, is it all in the player?
KEITHL1VE: I'd like to say yes but I have a great guy working with me who makes my guitars sound better than ever before and his name is Pierre De Beauport. He's french you know..
Question: Your personal contribution to Bridges came in the form of slow burning ballads, which was also true of "Voodoo Lounge." Is that something that happened by coincidence or is it a musical direction you are heading in at the moment?
KEITHL1VE: I have to presume it is. At the same time it's not a concious thing. I'm exploring melody I guess.
Question: After 35 years of recording and touring what keeps it interesting for you now? P.S. I still think you are the sexiest man in all of rock'n'roll!!
KEITHL1VE: Thanks. Any musician who wakes up every day loves to play his music. There's no effort to have to keep it fresh... it always is anyway.
Question: Keith, what Stones album do you come back and listen to the most often?
KEITHL1VE: The latest one. I have to learn the songs again!
KEITHL1VE: I never thought of that...but you must be right!
Question: What kind of effect pedals do you prefer ? I've seen you use quite a few amps over the years, any one you stick with?
KEITHL1VE: Fender Twin amps, nothing else. No pedals. I leave that to Ronnie.
Question: What's the best moment during a gig?
KEITHL1VE: It's the beginning ... until the end.
Question: Keith...you recorded the record in L.A. .....not a tropical island....were there many distractions in a big city?
KEITHL1VE: Contrary to that, it was a pleasure to be able to record in a recording center again since a lot of our albums in the past decayed . A lot of our albums of the past have been recorded. But the interaction of recording in a music city helped us to pull this record together. It's difficult to record in a vacuum.
Question: Hi Keith!!!! Thanks for all the years of great music. In your opinion, what makes Charlie Watts great?
KEITHL1VE: Charlie Watts makes Charlie Watts great. He's one of the few drummers that knows the importance of swing in playing rock 'n' roll.
Question: What's the most important lesson you've learnt in your 36 years with the Rolling Stones?
KEITHL1VE: How to swing.
Question: Keith, I read recently that you're into Portugese rock. What the hell is it? How would you describe it? Is it worth looking into ?? Keep touring, man....you're the best!
KEITHL1VE: I'm into Portuguese music. I'm not aware that they rock. But the Portuguese do have some interesting chords for a guitar player to learn.
Question: Where did you get that awesome handcuff braclett?
KEITHL1VE: The cops gave it to me.
Question: What is playing on your boombox today?
KEITHL1VE: Heavy reggae .. Classico!
Question: Would the band ever think about getting together with another blues artist like maybe Johnny Vaughan or Buddy Guy and record a blues session just for fun?
KEITHL1VE: I'd do anything for fun. With Buddy Guy or anybody else. It's always a pleasure to play the blues.
Question: What was the most challenging aspect of of cutting this record compared to "Voodoo Lounge"?
KEITHL1VE: The Dust Brothers.
Question: What kind of guitar do you use when you are composing?
KEITHL1VE: The first one that comes to hand.
Question: In all of your years as a successful musician, what would you say has been your best experience?
KEITHL1VE: I'm still waiting for it.
Question: On the "Bridges" album, "Flip the Switch" ends kind of abruptly, almost like in a "live" situation. Was this done purposely or by accident?
KEITHL1VE: We never make accidents.
Question: Who thought up the album cover for "Sticky Fingers"?
KEITHL1VE: Andy Warhol.
Question: Will you write your autobiography. I think you are one of the most fascinating members of the band.
KEITHL1VE: The truth can kill -- but maybe.
Question: Keith, how often do you play your Tele's without the high E string? Why do you prefer this method? Thanks! Andy in Maryland
KEITHL1VE: Ok Andy...It's the low E string thats off and the guitar is tuned to an open G chord. And it suits me.
Question: What do you think of the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame?
KEITHL1VE: I'm in.
Question: What is the best thing you have liked about being a rock star and the worst thing?
KEITHL1VE: I love it all, maybe too much because I can't remember the worst thing.
Question: Southern Greetings from Atlanta Keith from Kelly. I saw you at the Georgia Dome in December! Tell me how you and the band prepare for such an energetic show?
KEITHL1VE: We get out of bed.
Question: Keith.. what did you think of using the internet to choose a song on the "Bridges to Babylon tour?" I saw you in Charlotte and Philadelphia..
KEITHL1VE: I'm enjoying playing around with you guys. Computers are new to me and you can show me a thing or two.
Question: So Keith -- do you have any advice for Bill Clinton?
KEITHL1VE: I don't think he needs any.
Question: Hi Keith. Are you involved in any other creative outlets other than music, such as painting, like Ronny Wood?
KEITHL1VE: I did do the artwork for The Wingless Angels, but I don't like to brag.
Question: Keith, What do you consider the most underated Stones album?
KEITHL1VE: The next one.
LiveOnstge: Compared to your first U.S. Tour back in '64.... Question: Keith how different is it touring now as compared to then?
KEITHL1VE: Then it was a Volkswagen bus, now it's a plane.
Question: How long were you playing before you were able to write your own songs?
KEITHL1VE: I considered writing songs to be a totally different job to being a guitar player and then suddenly I saw the light.
Question: What's it like back stage. Or when someone meets you on the street
KEITHL1VE: Backstage is loads of "fun." If I meet you on the street, you can tell me.
Question: With your interest in Rastafarian music are you also interested in the religious part of it?
KEITHL1VE: One doesn't come without the other although...I'd rather say spiritual than religious.
Question: Keith, do you still have the Voodoo cat?
KEITHL1VE: The man is alive and well and killing squirrels and chipmunks in Connecticut.
Question: Do you think your playing style has influenced other rock guitarists?
KEITHL1VE: I know it has but whether they got the message straight is another thing.
Question: After the movie "Hail Hail Rock 'n Roll" with Chuck Berry are you two still friends and do you ever see him?
KEITHL1VE: I haven't seen Chuck since the premiere, but we're still phone friends. Call me Chuck!
Question: How is the relationship with the other members different than say 15 years ago?
KEITHL1VE: If you ask 30 years ago, there would be a difference. 15 is nothing.
Question: What is the significance of your skull ring?
KEITHL1VE: Beauty is only skin deep.
Question: A two-part Question: Keith, to what do you credit your abiliy to survive all you've been through over the years; and what's your reaction when you hear jokes like "the only things left after nuclear war will be cockroaches and Keith Richards"?
KEITHL1VE: To the first part...an incredible constitution--Don't try it! To the second, I feel sorry for the cockroaches.
Question: I was wondering if there was a particular song that meant a lot to you in way of words you wrote to it?
KEITHL1VE: In their own way, all songs mean a lot to you it's remembering what they are all about. And then you realize that it's just love.
Question: If you could choose any band to open for you on tour, who would it be and why?
KEITHL1VE: Choosing is difficult. Johnny Lang is working with us right now and he's damned good. Why change a good thing.
Question: What do you think keeps you guys together when so many groups have split apart?
KEITHL1VE: We're friends.
Question: What kind of job do you think you would have now if it hadn't been for the Rolling Stones?
KEITHL1VE: Hard labor.
Question: Keith, do you still get that big rush when the lights go down and you walk on stage playing "Satisfaction?"
KEITHL1VE: Yeah. Not only that, I always feel as if it's time to let the tigers out of the cage.
Question: What's the first thing you do every morning?
KEITHL1VE: Wake up.
Question: What's your secret to staying alive?
KEITHL1VE: Breathing.
Question: Is there anything in your life you would change if you could?
KEITHL1VE: Life changes you, you can't change life.
Question: How comfortable do you feel getting close to the fans as you walk on the ramp back to the main stage?
KEITHL1VE: Incredibly comfortable.
AOLiveMC2: We have time for one final question from the audience.
Question: Do you believe in Fate??
KEITHL1VE: The hand of it.
AOLiveMC2: KEITH, thank you for joining us and answering our audience questions. It was a pleasure having you with us tonight!
KEITHL1VE: It was incredible to watch the whole process going down I enjoyed talking to you guys. May God's light shine on you all...Keep the faith!
AOLiveMC2: Good night everyone!
AOLiveMC4: Good Night all !
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